Carolyn M Everett

Carolyn Everett was born February 12, 1948, to Clarence and Dorothy (Rea) Everett in Clarinda, IA.  Carolyn lived with her parents on the farm in Nodaway, and after her father’s death, Carolyn, and her mom moved into town. She went to School at Villisca and graduated with the Class of 1966 and always attended her class reunions and loved to see everyone. 

 Carolyn moved to Country Haven in Corning, Iowa in 2008, she lived there for about a month, she then moved to Westgate and then moved to one of Chance/Choice group homes in 2010. At the time of her passing, Carolyn lived at the Choice 6 house in Corning, IA with roommates Charlotte Agee and Georgia Hascall.  She was a member of the United Methodist Church in Corning, IA.

Carolyn volunteered at Matura, Corning, IA, and then went to work at Innovative Industries in Creston, Iowa for several years until her retirement.  She then started going to Iowa Focus Connect Day Hab in Creston, Iowa and made many friends at both places.  She loved to travel and went to California a couple of times, Kansas City and to South Dakota and recently went to Council Bluffs and stayed in a motel for a couple of days.  She liked to go to the races at Adams County Speedway.   Carolyn participated in bowling, track and field, softball skills and team Bocce for Special Olympics, she loved getting her ribbons and medals.  She enjoyed watching college football, NFL and she loved to watch Hallmark movies. 

Carolyn was preceded in death by her parents and an uncle who lived with them, and multiple cousins.

Left to cherish Carolyn’s memory are many cousins, Susan Ryon General POA, Shellie Weed, Medial POA, roommates Charlotte Agee and Georgia Hascall, her Choice 6 staff Kathy Weed, Brandon Goodwin, Dena O’Brien, Karen Johnson, Mary Fleharty, Choice Peers, and staff, Day Hab peers and staff.  We will miss Carolyn so much, she was a quiet, sweet, and nice lady.